Sometimes life reminds you about what’s important

It’s been really busy lately. Professionally and personally.  Sometimes you get stuck in the rat race and days fly by and before you know it, it days turn into weeks which turns into months which turns into a year magically quick.  I’ve been on that runaway train since the second week of January.   At 12:12 pm on Monday, I got a text message.  My … Continue reading Sometimes life reminds you about what’s important

Eating shit sandwiches at work

For Joffrey. For Ian. For everyone.  It happens to us all.  For whatever reason,  occasionally we eat shit sandwiches at work and it’s always never by choice and it’s usually almost someone else’s shit. I’ve been eating alot of shit sandwiches lately. I wonder if it’s a full moon,  but I know it has to do more with an assignment I took on and the … Continue reading Eating shit sandwiches at work

When it rains…

It pours. Right?  when life wants to calls your number and decides to take a dump on you, it’s usually when there is something already going on/wrong. I told someone today, that if anything the last few months has taught me; it’s that it takes a short while after the storm passes for you to figure out which real problems or issues are there to stay. … Continue reading When it rains…

When the Holidays are Hard

If you asked me what my favourite holiday is, I’d tell you it’s Christmas. It’s something about the fact most people seem lighter.  It’s the one time of the year I see people kinder to one another; though it’s not year round, I’ll take it because it’s a start. I do love Christmas, I usually start listening to the Christmas Music on the radio station … Continue reading When the Holidays are Hard