1 Month Reviews

This post is inspired by my friend Lamont. Thank you for curing my years long writers block and inspiring me. It’s also dedicated to my Friend La Ferne, yes, that was me. Ok, I’ll write. 🙏 Also to Leila , who told me how something I wrote helped her. So here goes. There’s a situation that happened over the weekend that pissed me off. I’m … Continue reading 1 Month Reviews

How I know I got old moment #16

There are many moments that made me realize I’ve hit that age that I once considered old about a decade ago. There’s much to be said about my 20’s.  I thought I’d want to be partying forever.  Staying up till the sun came up was a normal thing. Then something happened somewhere in between; I think it must have been life. Somehow life happened and … Continue reading How I know I got old moment #16