1 Month Reviews

This post is inspired by my friend Lamont. Thank you for curing my years-long writer’s block and inspiring me. It’s also dedicated to my Friend La Ferne, yes, that was me. Ok, I’ll write. 🙏 Also to Leila, who told me how something I wrote helped her. So here goes. There’s a situation that happened over the weekend that pissed me off. I’m not going … Continue reading 1 Month Reviews

Signs: Looking for them & receiving them

To anyone who has ever asked for sign, this one’s for you. I saw my best friend and her beautiful baby yesterday.  I hadn’t seen her in a month since we went to Cheesecake Factory for my bornday.  We’ve both been busy.  We usually notice things start to feel weird (a mild separation anxiety)  at the 2 week mark because we were so used to … Continue reading Signs: Looking for them & receiving them

Sometimes life reminds you about what’s important

It’s been really busy lately. Professionally and personally.  Sometimes you get stuck in the rat race and days fly by and before you know it, it days turn into weeks which turns into months which turns into a year magically quick.  I’ve been on that runaway train since the second week of January.   At 12:12 pm on Monday, I got a text message.  My … Continue reading Sometimes life reminds you about what’s important

Eating shit sandwiches at work

For Joffrey. For Ian. For everyone.  It happens to us all.  For whatever reason,  occasionally we eat shit sandwiches at work and it’s always never by choice and it’s usually almost someone else’s shit. I’ve been eating alot of shit sandwiches lately. I wonder if it’s a full moon,  but I know it has to do more with an assignment I took on and the … Continue reading Eating shit sandwiches at work