A Three Word Prayer

What did you do this weekend? I’m guessing you’re probably on some sort of modified lockdown like 90% of the world. Did you spend the evening watching a movie? This week, and I watched Tom Hanks’ Mister Rogers’s “A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood” movie that came out in 2019. I guess one of the good things about Pandemic is that you eventually get around … Continue reading A Three Word Prayer

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Remembering George Floyd: Change begins with You & I

I am not white. I am not black. Yes, I have faced racism in my life. But I have never feared for my life or been at risk for many things that Black people face on a daily. I rarely post anything political, it’s not because I don’t care, I’ve just didn’t have the energy to engage in conversations with people over blatantly obvious wrong … Continue reading Remembering George Floyd: Change begins with You & I

Going Blind

At work, we’ve noticed this phenomenon that sometimes after seeing something too many times, you end up going ‘blind’.  You don’t notice spelling or grammar mistakes after seeing it a few times since your brain has adapted to seeing it too many times and just adapts to the error and sees it as normal. This happens in life too.  Sometimes we adapt to situations after … Continue reading Going Blind

1 Month Reviews

This post is inspired by my friend Lamont. Thank you for curing my years-long writer’s block and inspiring me. It’s also dedicated to my Friend La Ferne, yes, that was me. Ok, I’ll write. 🙏 Also to Leila, who told me how something I wrote helped her. So here goes. There’s a situation that happened over the weekend that pissed me off. I’m not going … Continue reading 1 Month Reviews

Going Kamikaze

Someone went Kamikaze* on me the other day. the following things should be mentioned: Make sure you aren’t hangry when going kamikaze. Make sure you realize that this is to WIN THE WAR and not just a battle (or one fight). Going Kamikaze means taking things to a level of irreparable damage. Things can be forgiven (eventually), but not forgotten. So friends (& strangers), this is a … Continue reading Going Kamikaze