Going Kamikaze

Someone went Kamikaze* on me the other day. the following things should be mentioned: Make sure you aren’t hangry when going kamikaze. Make sure you realize that this is to WIN THE WAR and not just a battle (or one fight). Going Kamikaze means taking things to a level of irreparable damage. Things can be forgiven (eventually), but not forgotten. So friends (& strangers), this is a … Continue reading Going Kamikaze

You already know

I heard something the other day when I was contemplating the mysteries of a situation I found myself in, or a situation that keeps finding me (whichever way you look at it/spin it-not really important.)  “there are only 3 answers: yes, not yet & something better.” I found myself contemplating the deep mysteries of a simple question that I could no longer think straight after … Continue reading You already know

Eating shit sandwiches at work

For Joffrey. For Ian. For everyone.  It happens to us all.  For whatever reason,  occasionally we eat shit sandwiches at work and it’s always never by choice and it’s usually almost someone else’s shit. I’ve been eating alot of shit sandwiches lately. I wonder if it’s a full moon,  but I know it has to do more with an assignment I took on and the … Continue reading Eating shit sandwiches at work

‘Deep’ Thoughts: Anger, Fitness Eating Disorders and getting you @$$ Handed to you by Life

This post will not be concise, it may not even make any sense because I’m tired but I said I would start writing again…and today there are alot of things on my mind.  This post is a combo of thoughts on my mind, and maybe sometimes yours too. this is a dear diary, without the dear diary part. Observations and thoughts of the day. I … Continue reading ‘Deep’ Thoughts: Anger, Fitness Eating Disorders and getting you @$$ Handed to you by Life