How to survive coronavirus (from my Italian friends)

*Please excuse this post.  It will suck and have grammatical errors and all that jazz.  I am trying to work (from home) on a deadline and finish this post within 10 minutes so it can be shared as this info needs to get out there because I think it’s important and a friend asked for it. I have been asking questions and wasn’t really getting … Continue reading How to survive coronavirus (from my Italian friends)

Bananas over Breakfast/Brunch Pancakes

Episode 16 of Season 2 of Portlandia deals with an obsession over breakfast/brunch phenomena. It mocks the fact people will wait HOURS to sit in a restaurant for weekend Brunch.  I’m pretty sure everyone has been there once, twice or thrice waiting and waiting and waiting in line either by choice or by force. (If you haven’t watched Portlandia, check it out on Netflix.  It pokes … Continue reading Bananas over Breakfast/Brunch Pancakes

Vagina Monologues: Diva cup Review

(You should know, the working title of this blog post was “Alex, I’ll take things I put in my Vjj for $500”.  I am not a lady, I just look like one.  If you are easily offended then don’t read this OR anything on the internet, like EVER) Hello.  Welcome.  To my blog.  Where I talk about things.  Some times I talk about Vaginas and the things … Continue reading Vagina Monologues: Diva cup Review