I like long walks on the beach, baby animals and bacon.

No, really I do.

I have also been known to be interested in technology and anti-technology such as fountain pens and stationery that middle-aged white men at work got me into. In brief moments in time and previous stages of life, I was also known to be into MMA, health and fitness. I have been known to engage in selfie wars and win. During Walking Dead season, I have been known to ponder Zombie apocalypse scenarios/survival tips at least once daily. I am also very random, which you may or may not find refreshing, (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

Sometimes when 140 characters aren’t enough so I look for other avenues of self-expression other than making faces or doing some interpretive dance movements.

This blog will be read by 2 of my best friends (Best friend is a tier, not just a person), people who like me other than my mom, stalkers and my one cousin in Oz and probably other people wanting to steal my shit who will repurpose it as their own. And I humbly Thank you.

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