best Craigslist ad ever written (by my bestfriend)


This is an ad my bestfriend wrote to sell her boyfriend’s car.  Originally she posted this at:

Quite possibly one of the best ads I have ever posted in my lifetime. I got some good responses too.

This 60L gas guzzler is sitting in my garage and its all washed inside and out by a professional detailer (not me). The ac doesnt work so dont buy this sweat machine if you’re looking to sit in a parking lot and make out with a sexy lady on a hot and sweaty day but then again if you’re making out why the hell would you have air con on anyways? The fun of making out is the steaming up of the windows by which i would have to say detailing was a complete waste.

Also i will throw in a freebie for anyone who buys this so it can get the hell out of my garage so I can park my car inside which is now sitting outside my garage and getting rained on and I just had it washed too (again not by me). Anyhow the price is $1500 but totally negotiable but if no one really gives a damn then FINE i will donate it to charity and get a tax receipt, cause i give to charity and well i gotta get it out of my garage and its taking up space and stuff.

Im guessing someone will ask me for a picture and I’ll tell them to go sit on a dick cause I really don’t have the patience to go into my fly infested garage and take pixs of it. Yeah fine my word don’t mean **** but you know if you were REALLY interested you would just PM me and I’d give you a holla, and we’d meet up and drink lemonade outside my garage and check out the vehicle. Then we’d play deal or no deal and in the end you win a ****ing 2002 intrepid but the real winner is me because i get my fly infested garage back. Trust!


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