Signs: Looking for them & receiving them

To anyone who has ever asked for sign, this one’s for you.

I saw my best friend and her beautiful baby yesterday.  I hadn’t seen her in a month since we went to Cheesecake Factory for my bornday.  We’ve both been busy.  We usually notice things start to feel weird (a mild separation anxiety)  at the 2 week mark because we were so used to seeing eachother much much more frequently.

We conversed over a lovely lunch of Mac & Cheese, Chorizo corndogs and Salmon Tartare.  We don’t always get overly philosophical, but there was a touch of that yesterday.  She asked about a venture in my life and I responded “all signs point to no”.

I said it was funny.  There were so many points in my life when I’d pray for a sign to show me if I was going in the right direction.  Sometimes I’d receive nothing, or sometimes I’d receive the sign I was looking for.  This most recent crossroads, I didn’t even ask for a sign.  I was fresh off of contemplating this opportunity and received multiple signs when I wasn’t even asking for to help make a decision or guide me in another direction.

It’s funny how life works sometimes isn’t it?  So my next word of advice (more to myself than you) is when life gives you signs, you need to accept it, heed the message and respect the information even if it was a weird way this knowledge made it’s way to you. Most of the time there are multiple signs, we just seem to not want to accept or acknowledge that information because it’s not the answer we want.

So many times in my life I’ve asked for signs and still wouldn’t follow them.  This time, it came in 3’s for me as a way to really get my attention and bop me on nose and say “LOOK! pay attention!”.  The real work was getting to the point of accepting the information I had been given to make the best decision in that given situation.

The answer to your question is “Yes, Not yet or something better”, if you pay attention, the signs will tell you where to go on that epic journey that is your life.  You might get lost for a bit, but some new signs will come along to help you on your way to getting back to the right direction.  Just accept and follow the signs!




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