You already know

I heard something the other day when I was contemplating the mysteries of a situation I found myself in, or a situation that keeps finding me (whichever way you look at it/spin it-not really important.) 

“there are only 3 answers: yes, not yet & something better.”

I found myself contemplating the deep mysteries of a simple question that I could no longer think straight after spinning from all angles and inside out. 

Bobert said, “you don’t need me to cosign on your decision. You already know what you want to do.” 

He’s right. If you sit still enough and listen to yourself, you’ll figure out the answer of something you aren’t quite sure how to implement. 

It’s inside, the answer which you seek. You only need to ask yourself and be willing to accept what that answer is. 

This is your sign, if you were looking for one too. 

Go on, get it. 


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