the write stuff

We were in Bestbuy looking for a laptop and I spent most of it talking specs with the sales guy Sanjay who wanted to relay we were good customers or something.

“Why don’t you write? What’s stopping you?” Asked Sanjay the Bestbuy sales guy who helped us after I said I like tech and that’s why my brain is so big and sometimes feel like I should write about it.

“I don’t know. I guess it’s just laziness.” That’s half true. I’m partially lazy. The other half is that I’m pretty busy and haven’t found time to sit and write. I suppose I should schedule it in if it’s that important.

Chris and I were talking about critical moments that made huge changes in our lives. I know when I stopped writing regularly. It was around 2013 after the ending of a relationship. I struggled with vulnerability and I felt like plugging all the holes in my heart and building walls to keep functioning as the undoing was happening.

But Chris always would tell me to write. And I would always tell W that just because we pretend to not feel vulnerable doesn’t make us less vulnerable. I should take my own advice right?

Hop, skip a few years later and here I am, still vulnerable as ever and realizing maybe I need to turn to writing again because it gave some joy once upon a time. Peter inspires me to do so because he so unabashedly writes from his heart. I rarely have since 2013 so here I am, ready to make my attempts at being a word smith again.



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