Eating shit sandwiches at work

For Joffrey. For Ian. For everyone. 

It happens to us all.  For whatever reason,  occasionally we eat shit sandwiches at work and it’s always never by choice and it’s usually almost someone else’s shit.

I’ve been eating alot of shit sandwiches lately. I wonder if it’s a full moon,  but I know it has to do more with an assignment I took on and the role of that assignment. 

I just ate a shit sandwhich half an hour ago from some angry lawyer who called to complain about some shit I had nothing to do with. I’m just the messenger but I still got shot.  Though I couldn’t shout back “I’m not bring paid enough to deal with your bullshit so please stop yelling at me” I did say “SOOOO… How’s your Monday going?”  because he was ruining mine. He did briefly stop and then proceeded to fling his shit again. 

I recently meet an instructor at the Toronto Police College and we talked about shit. He talked about the issues he faced at work and the types of shit sandwiches he eats. 

Another senior person had to end a meeting with me because he had to clean up some public shit storm. 

Over the weekend, friend in ETF told me about the being force fed shit sandwiches he ate the day before in training 

So there you have it,  it seems like lately, everyone is eating a shit sandwiches every damn day in some way or another. Everyone is trying to fling their shit around and transfer their emotions on to someone else. Can we just keep our own shit under control? Being a destroyer and tearing others down is easy,  but being a builder is honourable because it’s hard but rewarding. 

This shitty post is brought to you by all of our collective shit. Because everyone’s got some, but please get that shit off your chest by talking to someone instead of taking a hot steaming shit off on someone else’s chest. 💩

That being said,  that’s why there’s alcohol,  exercise or pizza  depending on which school of thought you belong too.

I will close this post in saying, if you’re reading this,  you’re probably dealing with shit too.  I’m sorry,  let’s just take it one day at a time and this day is half going so we’ve got that going for us. 

Now I’m going to leave you with some posts that made me feel a little less shitty.  Hopefully you’ll feel a little better.



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