How to get a 55″ 4k TV for $0.58

I can’t believe it’s almost October.  I began typing September only to realize it’s almost October but I keep thinking it’s summer because the last few days have been nice and hot. Next time I type a sentence like that I’ll be 95 years old or something.  It’s been real busy, so i guess the next time I post will prob def be when I’m 96.  


It’s been a weird and unexpected year. In a very good way. So many things have happened and naturally they are things I never would have anticipated at midnight on New Year’s, but that’s the beauty of Life.

I know I’m not the only one feeling how fast change happened this year in my life.  There are so many people close to me who have been blessed with so many amazing things that are happening this year.

That card was sent to me by my Bae (my online wife) early this year when things seemed stagnant and the same.  But that’s how things are anytime there was a huge change in my life. It always starts out feeling like nothing has or will change. But little do we know. Oh Life,  you’re so funny.

My summer has been filled with a lot of ramen. Go figure that in the hottest summer ever,  I end up eating ramen all the time. 

This may seem strange, but I had real (in a restaurant)  ramen for the first time in November.  You see,  I’ve had an aversion to non pasta/Italian noodles,  especially noodles in soup all these years up until November last year.

It has something to do with my childhood and being rushed to lessons (swimming, gymnastics,  tae kwon do) on Fridays and being forced to eat instant ramen because it was the quickest thing my mom could make up for us.  So this summer i made up for all those years of never experiencing the deliciousness that is ramen and I will not speak of how often because it was alot.

This year has also had alot of flowers in it, like these gorgeous birthday roses from my Bae, who I wonder if she read my tween diary and my facination with roses of that hue because of the virtually unknown American Classic that is ‘Bed of Roses’ starring Christian Slater who just about stole everyone’s hearts with the other American Classic ‘Untamed Heart’ that seemed very romantic (he saved Marisa Tomei from being raped) to my friends in I in grade school because we didn’t understand what was going on (and sometimes still don’t).

Here is an arrangement of pink and orange sweetheart roses I did for a photoshoot…

a matterport photoshoot….if you don’t know what it is, talk to you friend Google it.  it’s a 3D imaging, like the stuff they use for google streetview.  it’s awesome.

And another arrangement that invovled some produce…

It was indeed a hot hot summer, that made even racoons want to air out their undercarraiges.


One other highlight was that I got to order almost $2000 worth of pizza, which is kind of a big deal Bc my real Bae is Pizza.

There was a big move, and then I got to see what other people store in their storage lockers which was interesting and left me wondering what I have gotten myself into living amongst people(s) who have Chucky and the Bride of Chucky in their lockers. (THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU!!!)

(Only my brother Joffrey understands the terror I must have felt when I saw this).  (Also if you are too young to understand Chucky and Bride of Chucky reference, please go away REAL HARD).

There was alot of shopping to be done for home/house shit, which surprised me because I already had stuff and didn’t think I would need anything else.  I saw more stuff that I needed and stuff I wanted, and then I would get the “Do you really need that?!  There’s no room for that!”  Thank you to everyone who was a judgey bitch to me in that way.  You’re right.  There’s no room.

Don’t judge me, a hotdog toaster/maker is cool. I still want one.  Someone buy this for my birthday.

So Let’s get back to why you probably really clicked on this link, I know you’re not interested in the roof top hot tub parties and stuff that I post on snapchat.  You’re wondering how the fudge I got a 55 inch 4k tv for 58 cents.  

Well…….there wasn’t really a plan for a new tv.  There was a want because the new place has 10 foot ceilings being a loft conversion the old TV looked too small on the wall.  But it didn’t seem like getting a new TV was going to happen because of all the other furniture/house crap that was more of a priority.

At the Ex/CNE I was admiring all the huge and beautiful crisp 4K tvs at the Samsung booth that my laser eye surgeried eyeballs immensely appreciated with great vigor but my wallet currently and presently didn’t appreciate the $6000+ price tags.  (Gosh, why do my eyes have to have such expensive tastes?!)

In fact, on Friday I already made AK Installations install my old TV on the wall, the old tv which was a 42″ LG LCD tv (good for sports and fast motion) that I was shamed into buying a few years back when some JERK who shall remain nameless remarked that they were surprised that I had such an old TV  (a flatscreen with big butt tv circa 2002-3).  Apparently even people on welfare/community housing had fancier TVs than I did and they knew that because they worked in emergency services and had to go to peoples homes.

Justifications for not spending a shit ton of money on a fancy TV is that being so busy, there’s rarely anytime to be home to enjoy it.  Winter (is coming) is the only time to netflix and chill and binge watch STUFF on those – 20 to – 40 wind chill factor days.

Till Saturday morning.  While doing some grocery shopping for the housewarming party this weekend at Real Canadian Super Store,  it turned out they were having their ‘No tax event’.  I walked by the electronics aisle and saw a bunch of TVs.  The manager was there and I asked him about the 55″ RCA 4K TVs (model RLED5536-UHD) who told me they were pretty good even though they were RCA and they had gotten alot better over the last few years.

He said it was alot better than the 48″ Sony Bravia I also asked about (not 4K).  At the same time I texted some people waking them and pestering them with questions, but mainly Ahmed of AK Installations asking him about this TV who said he had never seen an RCA one.  I asked the manager some other questions and then went to my trusted friend Google which popped up some threads on Red Flag Deals.

You know all those stupid points you always end up randomly collecting? Well, I’m not sure how long I had been collecting my points, but prob the last 10 years because the last time I cashed out on them was to buy my mom a juicer she wanted because I had a bajillion points then.  When you go to cash out, and they ask you if you want to cash out for your groceries, just say no.  Just keep saying no.  Because you’re too damn busy to be reading the bottom of receipts or to inquire how their point system works because maybe if its like airmiles it costs like $20 to equal one point and you’ll be collecting those forever too before you have enough points to get anything unless you’re one of those point hunter people who know the ins and out of this secret society. (translation: Get a life/I’m jealous, teach me these jedi ways and/or feed me something delicious)

Anyways, I sauntered back and asked the manager how many points I had that I could use towards this $480 TV .  He said that I had 380,000 PC Points, and I asked him to speak English, to which he replied I had $380 in points.  I was  amazed, I could deal with that quasi no name TV if I only had to pay $100+tax.  He then said there was an open box one that someone just returned and that they test them and he just did tested that one before putting it back on the floor the day before and it was 30% off.  He said if there were any problems or if I didn’t like it,  I could return it and that it had full warrenty. SOLD.

Seriously,  fifty-eight cents.  Not even Holla for a dollar. You can’t buy anything for $0.58.

I calculated that I would be paying $100, but being so bad at math (because I did not inherit the math gene because I got the boob gene) and not realizing it was NO Tax weekend, I got quite the surprise when I went to cash out.  Even sweeter.  I realized that this was an RCA TV  in a world of Samsungs (and whatever companies that are the best that I don’t pay attention to because everything is not futureproof and I can’t keep up) but I didn’t care.  I got it for almost free and knew it would prob be better than the older TVs even if it only lasted for a year I was getting a TV for free.


Got it home and got AK Installations to mount it  on a full motion bracket, and he said it was the shortest turn over that they had ever had (1 day from when my old tv was mounted the night before).  I stated I was just minding my own business just grocery shopping.  I wasn’t looking for a TV  we found eachother in aisle 16 of the Weston Road RCSS/this crazy world.   I got it basically for free, less than a dollar. I couldn’t resist.  I finally got to use those stupid points towards something substantial. Don’t judge me.  I finally get to be that person who has a cool/ridiculous/amazing story that makes you excited with a dash of jealousy for having something mindblowing like this happen to.

We took it out of the box and just plugged it in and we were all surprised at how clear and crisp it was.  RCA/Curtis or whomever did a good job.  Sure it’s no Samsung, but for a TV that’s less than $500 for 4k it’s clear and crisp.  I think where the shortfall is is that it needs calibration out of the box and the remote is basic.  According to a thread on RFD this TV needs to be calibrated but I didn’t have problems and we didn’t calibrate it but it could have been because mine was open box and someone else calibrated it previously.

If you’re on the fence about this TV or any TV, then you should ask yourself a few questions….

1) what’s your budget?  are you a baller, a rich kid of instagram/or child of a celebrity or just a person with a penis who’s willing to drop $5-10k on something that will be obsolete in 3 months or whatever that time frame is now ?

If have been in a coma for the past decade,  you might not know, big screen/fancy TV’s are like the new sports car that guys measure how big their dicks are.  I was talking to my friend Google trying to learn about LED TV technology when a sideboard ad for an 88 inch LED tv came up on one of those side bars and it showed it was $ 35,000.  I almost pissed myself except I had gone to the bathroom earlier and thought of all the pizzas I could buy for $35K.  The jump for 70 inch prices I saw at the CNE to this (88 inches of fury) was….I don’t even know or have words for to describe my wonderment.

2) How good is your eye sight?  Before I got laser eye surgery I didn’t care.  I was blind as a bat and couldn’t appreciate all that the HD world had to offer me.  After I got my eyes fixed (BEST DECISION EVER, WISH I DID IT A DECADE EARLIER), I started to see what I had failed to see and appreciate all the fine details (pores,  wrinkles,  pimples magnified)  after I fixed my eyeballs.  If your eyes aren’t great anyways, I’d say don’t bother with the TV, save up and get your damn eyes fixed first.  (JK, kind of, sort of not really)

3) How much TV do you watch? How often are you home?  I am never home and if the past few months are an indication of how busy I end up staying, I probably wouldn’t ever get the chance to sit long enough to watch an episode of a show.  I’m always out doing stuff or watching TV at someone elses’ house (LOL) that it never made sense to me to drop a pretty penny on a new TV.  Would I have spent $500 on this TV? maybe if my LG was broken. But I barely ever watched that TV, it’s only ever on for me to listen to the news as I get ready for work in the morning and if I didn’t have one or it broke I prob wouldn’t have even cared.


I have friends and family and know that some people are home all the time and watch alot of TV or movies because they’re all about the Netflix (and no chill-too tired).  It would make sense to me if you watch a fair amount of TV on a regular basis to get a fancy TV with 4k/new technology especially if it’s something you use a lot or enjoy.

So there, if you read all 1963 words so far (up until I typed 1963) congrats, you don’t have ADD/ADHD.  If you were on the fence about the quality of this TV, then I will say it’s pretty damn good for a $500 TV.  You can just buy it yourself and see what I mean.

If I taught you to save up those stupid points for a rainy day to score something better than groceries, then I’m pretty stoked, because I did that by accident and it worked out and hope it works out for you too and want you to message me and let me know what kind of fancy stuff you get.

If you were looking for a technical review on processors and pixels and refresh rates and all that jazz, I’m sorry I’m not that nerdy, my brain is big but not that BIG.  But I’m sure these guys can help you out.

If you want to come over and watch the 2nd greatest Vampire movie of our time (Twillight part 4.2) and see how their skin sparkles or whatever in 4k, call me (maybe).

All in all it was a pretty bad ass weekend. Got a new TV for basically free.  Had a housewarming where the red wine was flowing so much I wondered if that’s how it was like for Jesus, running around hosting and barely talking or having a real convo with anyone. I also got some lovely gifts, these are a few of my favourite things!!! <3. I love stuff!!

thanks to everyone who came over and a special thank you to Joe and Ahmed….thank you for all your help!






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