Don’t be a dick/Walk with love

Don’t be a Mean Girl

I don’t propose to be an expert in anything other napping, trying to figure out what my latest craving is and what to eat and trying to predict when my dog will crop dust me next so I can get away.

That being said,  I’ve tried and tested life, the limits of myself and others by the fire of trial and error at times and at times combat by accident or sometimes out of spite.

The life lesson I have learned that hippies and all those spiritual types always preach is to “Walk with love”. You know,  like be above it all,  do things out of love,  turn the other cheek shit.  If you know me then you know how hilarious and unnatural that feels for a person like myself.

But those asshole hippies are right.  And they’re only assholes because they’re are right and get bragging rights about it.

I see their side about it years later and how it plays out in my own life and those around me; what I have done to others and what others have done to me. When you do things out of love or with love,  you rarely will regret your actions and you will rarely have it come back to haunt you.   Doing things in alignment with love won’t bite you in the ass, which is what personal experience has taught me.

In the past few year there were a few times I was motivated by fear or anger and I charged ahead with those ill emotions as my shield and/or my sword only to have my own actions blow up in my face and bite me harder in the ass and make me feel even shittier than I did when I lead the charge with my battle cry reverberating in my heart and/or head.  It’s also extremely exhausting to be on this side of the fence with the negative stuff, which is the small print in the disclaimer that no one ever reads.

I guess that’s the karmic/Golden rule stuff that ‘They’ always talk about.

Again,  I’m not in expert but I invite you to look into your own life and see how embracing the darker sides of human emotion and allowing that to motivate you might have blown up in your face.

This post was brought to you by the Cab driver who flipped the fudge out at an Uber Driver that was recorded by the CBC during the Cab Driver Protest against Uber yesterday.  So Much Anger. So much fear. It’s worth noting he also compared Uber to ISIS in a separate video.

Lets not be like this guy.   Let’s walk with love or whatever happy fluffy stuff hippies want to shove down our throats like wheatgrass, kamut or kombucha and save ourselves some dignity later.


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