Ordering through Grabb app and Little Fin review

*Download the Grabb app to use your $10+ towards some Booths at the CNE Food Building

Last week I told you to download the Grabb app and get your $10 worth of credit. It turns out that your referral code gives you $5 for every referral you GIVE which I found out later BUT you get capped at $25 in total credits meaning only 3 referrals give you credits.  Use someone’s/anyones referral code to get $5 when you first sign up otherwise you lose on the $5 you are eligible for in addition to the GRABB5 for $5 credit for $10 initially.


*For my friends who live in the suburbs who don’t think they should bother because they don’t work downtown,  you should.  You can use the credits (up to $25) at the CNE in the booths at the Food Building. Sweet am I right?! . GRABB didn’t have it rolled out for Friday when the Ex opened,  but the CNE food building merchants are now showing up. So go forth and chow down.


So today I was in a meeting that ran a little late. By 1:30 I still hadn’t eaten. I decided to use the Grabb app bc I had other things scheduled this afternoon.
I launched the app and chose the Ahi Tuna sandwich at Little Fin since I had been craving it when I downloaded the app last week. Little Fin opened last year and is run by the same people who run Chase.


I chose my sides that were included.  2 with the Ahi.


Got the confirmation for my order.


Then you get the update about what stage your order is in, how many orders are infront of you and how long till it’s ready.


Blue Fin is at the corner of Yonge and Temperance.


It’s roomy inside and they have self serve lime infused water if you need a glass as you can see on the side of the photo above.


Fresh!!!!  Or decorative lobsters??  If you stay long enough perhaps you will find out.


Now I pre-ordered and after the lunch rush,  but it seems pretty efficient with it clearly marked areas for 2 separate lines.image

It’s a big bag for such a small order.  But they didn’t forget napkins,  cutlery and condiments.  Though the Grabb app told me it would be a 9 minute wait my order was ready in 5 which is even better.


Friends of the environment might be happy to know they use biodegradable packaging and cutlery.


Now down to the bitty gritty,  the sandwich was on the smaller size but it was delicious and was filling to the right amount.  Not stuffed so much you need to nap under your desk George Costanza style filling.  The bun was firm and didn’t get soggy or compress to much when being held and eaten, it was NICE bread. There was no bun inequality while eating,  where the top or bottom bun gets much smaller or is virtually non existent by the time you’re done eating a burger.  The Tuna was cooked but just right, a little rare in the middle. It wasn’t dry or didn’t break off into flakes while taking bites.


The sides I choose were seaweed salad and crispy potatoes which are suppsed to house spiced and hand cut. The potatoes are seasoned in a Cajun seasoning.  I’m pretty sure it’s Cajun,  I have a huge bottle from Costco that has lasted me forever (like the last 4 years).  I don’t know if they are handcut but I can tell they are flash fried. They are crispy and the insides are light and fluffy.  To be honest I cringed when I opened the box thinking they were probably greasy and soaked in oil like wedges often are, but these were thankfully not and were delicious and light and I don’t feel as guilty eating them.  I almost wonder if they are partially baked.

Initially when I looked at the salad I wondered why they called it seaweed until I ate more into it.  It was good, and had some fancy sprouts and leaves that I don’t often see in salads or because I’m not that into botany or horticulture or an expert in salads.  It was delicious and different, kind of like East meets West in a good way when fusion goes good like Keanu Reeves or Peking Duck tacos.

Bill shows $13.55 when it was printed from the register. Grabb charged me $14.69 (base for meal at Grabb and on Little Fin’s website for the Ahi Tuna was $13).  Not sure why there is a discrepancy.

All in all you can tell this meal was thought through. The ingredients were specifically selected and textures experienced were amazing when combined.  It’s hard to describe but I highly recommend it. This lunch was free from the Grabb app credits, but  I will be having it again.  It is a little pricer as I like to keep my lunches at $10 but if you’re feeling fancy and for something specific from Little Fin’s fabulous menu…well…sometimes indulging is a good thing.

I approve of the convenience of Grabb and this delicious meal from Little Fin,  do it.  Download it to your phone and Download it to your stomach.  😉


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