Don’t bother with the Deep Fried Mac and Cheese

You know you’re a fat kid when that sentence is coming out of your mouth (or if you’re typing it).

This meal including water costed $20. The Fried Mac & Cheese costed more than the sandwich ūüėź

I love mac ‘n’ cheese and I love deep fried goodness. Therefore seeing deep fried Mac and cheese at Mac & Cheesery in the Food Building at the CNE made my inner fat kid jump with joy.¬† They had fancy grilled cheese and mac and cheese.


SAVE YOUR $8. It was shit.

90% batter. 5 % broken pieces of pasta¬†(Cavatappi)¬†and the other 5% was shredded cheese covered in batter.¬† I know this was opening weekend but if you are going to charge dumb people (like myself and you if you’re reading this) almost $10 for a side,¬† then attempt to get it right.

We ordered the double bacon grilled cheese.  We expected crispy strips but inside was back bacon/Canadian bacon.  It was a little disappointing but filling.

Just skip this booth.¬† I tend to gravitate toward classics like grilled cheese and mac & cheese bc they are simple and vehicles for creativity and amazing flavour combinations. I think that’s why they are so popular like the Mac &¬†Cheese festival in June that drew 12,000 extra people than anticipated.

I don’t usually like writing posts slamming things and giving negative reviews¬†because I realize somewhere in there was someone’s love and passion that birthed such ideas for delicious morsels and I applaude that.¬† But I was throughly disappointed and would rather others save the space in their stomachs and bills in their wallet for other disgusting fatty and high caloric things they wouldn’t usually eat so we can talk about those things.

Chow down and let me know what you ate.¬† There was some monstrosity of a burger with deep fried spaghetti and meatballs which we didn’t eat that day because we were too full but may go back. Lol. If you ate this please report back!

Bon appetite!


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