$10 bucks for free to spend on Take out with Grabb app


I can often be heard exclaiming “IMPATIENCE is MY vitrue!” because it’s the truth.  I’m very busy and very important and have better things to do with my time (like jerk off) then stand around and wait for stuff; particularly food.


I’d be lying if I said was one of those people who perfectly feeds themselves on a timed schedule due to bodybuilding or some fancy fitness or health/diet regime.  The truth is I often run myself HANGRYrabbid or insane or a picturesque version of the combination of the 3.  I do bring lunch to work at times, sometimes I do but don’t want to eat what I brought and sometimes I just don’t because I was lazy or too busy.


Enter the GRABB app for those times you are going to get take out.  You launch the app, order on it, pay for your order on it and it gives you updates regarding what stage your order is at and how long until it is ready for pick up.  This a huge time saver and perfect for anyone who is very busy, with a tightly packed schedule or lots of meetings in their day.  Or if you just want to avoid the lunch hour rush which can leave you waiting 15+. minutes for take out.


You may not really care to try it, but what if you got to try it for free?  Meaning you had $10 to spend on a meal by ordering through this app?  I’ll be honest I didn’t really care until a coworker told me about it and the $10 credit.

Download it on App store or Play store and use the following codes:

KK1GK for $5 and GRABB5 for $5.

These are the restaurants currently participating.  It’s being rolled out in downtown core first, but will probably be everywhere else like Tapping to pay with your plastic is now.


For payment you can add a credit card or PayPal.

So go on and download it and get your $10 credit towards free food!


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