Things That I Ate That I Loved: @ White Brick Kitchen


In Korea Town, at the corner of Euclid and Bloor is The White Brick Kitchen.

We came here for the fried chicken.

I like to think I’m an expert in fried chicken as it’s something I dabble in from time to time when the fat kid inside me takes over. I’ve eaten my way through a few states over the years by way of fried chicken (at times with a side of waffles) so I like to think I’m an expert. Whether I am an expert (self proclaimed or otherwise) maybe debated,  but you’re here reading this post because you’re a secret fat kid too.

White Brick Kitchen is a smallish restaurant with a patio. We like to Partio (Party on the Patio),  so we sat outside under red umbrellas away from the strong noon sun with a gentle cooling breeze and the soundtrack of boring self indulgent hipster conversations and passing cars.


I said we came here for the fried birdies and they did not disappoint.

Crunchy, tasty breading seasoned just right and enough encasing nice moist meat. I’m more impressed by the fact this is delicious and its from Toronto probably cooked by hipster chefs as opposed to some Southern grandmother’s kitchen. It’s in the top 5 fried chickens of I have ever eaten and thats kind of a big deal because it’s local.


We also decided on comfort classic, Mac ‘n’  Cheese.  It had oven roasted tomatoes which were flavourful explosions in your mouth that brought out the medely of cheeses of the sauce.  We upgraded and added bacon because bacon is good for the soul which gave a nice woodsy kick to everything which tied everything together nicely.


For some reason when you have gourmet type Mac ‘n’  Cheese it’s always Cavatappi/Cellentani noodle. I suppose it’s so you know it’s not Kraft Mac and cheese or that it’s not your mother’s cooking. Its not my favourite noodle shape but decent vehicle for the cheese and displays the sauces’ cheesiness factor with cheese stringing goodness.

There are two other things worth mentioning,  the fries and the biscuits.  I’m a fries before guys kind of gal, the love is real and fierce.  The fries are so good I only got a little,  they were pretty much gobbled up instantly before I could ask for a handful of seconds.


The biscuits were the real standout even there were so many delicious elements to these dishes. These aren’t like Popeye’s or Red Lobster biscuits or anything. These biscuits are cast iron browned in garlic butter that have green onions INSIDE them.  YES,  INSIDE THEM. The biscuit texture itself is soft and fluffy not dry or crumbling at a touch.


In all my Fried Chickening adventures,  I have never had a biscuit with anything IN them.  Who ever thought of this deserves an award. I will go back to this restaurant for the biscuits alone,  that’s how good these are.


All in all this food was delicious you should drop everything and go there immediately.  I’m super stoked that we have an awesome restaurant here in Toronto serving Southern food favourites to satisfy my fat kid food cravings. It’s about time, now I don’t have to cross the border for fat kid eating tours to scratch an itch everytime I get a craving to commit carbicide with deep fried goodness.


In case you were wondering I wasn’t paid or comped to say any of this. We paid for this delicious meal and would gladly do it again.



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