Things That I Ate That I Loved: Fortino’s Pizza

My mom always says never go grocery shopping when you are hungry. Naturally she’s always right because I end up buying the whole grocery store when I shop on an empty stomach.

Enter Fortino’s and their gourmet pizza bar. There’s a slice to tickle everyone’s fancy, unless you’re one of those people who dont like pizza (do those people even exist!?!)  or have gluten or celiac or other issues.


So while grocery shopping the fat kid that lives inside my head I decided we should split a slice (less guilt) to kill the flames of hanger (anger caused by hunger) that were flickering from being stuck in traffic for 2 hours on the way home during early rush hour.

I chose the Fungi (mushroom with red onion and roasted garlic) because I like to make out.  It hit the spot and didn’t disappoint.  It 4 x 6 inches,  fluffy and on the thicker side. This isn’t some skinny flat fire oven pizza.

Hello half slice

Am I saying you should eat this pizza?  Yes, Yes you should.  Am I saying this will cure you of hanger?  Yes,  yes it will. Am I saying you will want another slice or a whole pizza after this?  Maybe. If you do,  call me I will help you eat it.



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