REVIEW: Mohu Leaf Indoor HDTV Antenna

I wrote about Cable Cutting with a Chromecast on NerdsDigIt last year.  This would be a continuation on Cable Cutting.

previously said I don’t have cable because I am not home enough to watch tv and just can’t justify spending on money for cable when I am home a couple nights a week and don’t watch sports or any tv shows on a regular basis.   I still like having local channels for news so I can know what’s going on.  I refuse to sign up for a monthly cable package just for that.  I had my coaxial cable in the wall and could get local channels until a couple months ago when the telecom companies went completely digital.

I decided I was going to go digital with a TV antenna because it is still possible to get over the air signals for local channels.  I did looked up reviews for the best digital antennas and checked amazon and realized alot of Canadians and Torontonians had been buying them too because of the telecom companies switching to digital based on the reviews.

I settled on the Mohu Leaf Metro because it was the most compact one and because after using TV Fool and finding out I wasn’t facing the best direction for a majority of the signals it didn’t seem worth it to spend the money because I wasn’t sure if it would work because other buildings were in my way.  I again only wanted local news channels so I settled on the Mohu Leaf Metro which has range of 25 mile radius, which is smaller compared to some other indoor antennas that get 30-50 miles.

Amazon Canada has it listed for $45, but was out of stock.  I was going to the US, so I decided to pick one up from a Best Buy in the States because all the Best Buy Canada had a pretty horrendous selection. The Mohu Leaf Metro was released about a year ago which means that it may be another year before Canadian retailers maybe start carrying it.

I grabbed one for $26.49 USD and with conversion it ended up being $33.32 CAD

$26.49 USD/$33.32 CAD according to my credit card statement
$26.49 USD/$33.32 CAD according to my credit card statement.

It is as advertised-paper thin and compact and it indeed is.



One side is white and the other is black depending on your wall or decor you can choose which side is facing up.

20150427_123204 20150427_123136

It comes with 4 velcro tabs or pins to attach to a surface and a 10 foot coaxial cable.

4 velcro tabs and 2 white pins and 2 black pins depending on which side you have facing up.
4 velcro tabs and 2 white pins and 2 black pins depending on which side you have facing up.

I get about 12 channels with it, basically almost all the ones I did previously but most importantly the news channels so I can wake up and watch the news as I get ready for work.

I highly recommend this antenna if you’re in the market for one based on the compact size and for basic range of OTA signals.  

I can’t really comment on it compared to other models and brands because I not interested in testing all that are on the market and getting technical. I am sure there are indepth reviews, but for a no frills Television content consumer it is great if you’re looking to get local channels like I was.






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