Starting 2015 with a ‘cleanse’

All those mornings my alarm punctures the quiet and i wish i could just l lay in my bed all day.

Be careful what you wish for. 

I jumped out of bed this morning excited for my date with my best friend. So many things on the agenda to conquer… Only to slowly crawl back.

Stomach flu or food poisoning? Doesn’t matter it feels the same being unable to keep anything down as your own body makes you pay for exactly what you are still trying to figure out.

I am still consuming one can of diet coke.  Some water and pop corn.  The popcorn was a mistake.  This is all i have eaten today.  I am afraid to. 

Delirious and exhausted though i have slept for 80% of the day in layers of clothing and fetal position and am still tired. 

This is a cleanse right? I want my mom.  I better be skinny after this for all the suffering im feeling now. 


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