General concerns and writer’s block

So i lost almost everything I had on my old blog because I didnt back up before my hosting expired.

This site is Clearly under construction.

You would think I i learned my lesson from the essay I lost in 1997 with the forray with the floppy disk. Yes. Floppy disk.

Or the time I did not back up my music and vacation pictures and my laptop got a viroid that ate my hard drive and the only cure was reformatting.

Anyhow old habits die hard i suppose.

I have not yet completed setting up this blog but want to just start writing about the things that have floated into my head by exposure to the world around me and that of those people in my world. Our worlds are colliding but its ok.

Naturally when I am at work my brain is bustling at thr brim with thought that i should trap down on paper (or keyboard) . But naturally im too busy at work to get a well written post out.

And naturally when I’m home long enough to turn on my laptop I automatically endure the worst case of writers block in which i can’t think of a title for a post.

Such a conundrum.  Some one tell my muse to work after hours.

Please and thanks. 


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