How I know I got old moment #16

There are many moments that made me realize I’ve hit that age that I once considered old about a decade ago.

There’s much to be said about my 20’s.  I thought I’d want to be partying forever.  Staying up till the sun came up was a normal thing.

Then something happened somewhere in between; I think it must have been life.

Somehow life happened and we became those old people we didn’t understand…..quite possibly we’ve even become our parents.

Because now my social circles and I like hanging out at eachother’s houses rather than being out galavanting especially in the winter.  This maybe because we have mortgages so we’re too poor to go out, but really I think it’s because we have homes we are actually are proud of and don’t mind others who aren’t your best friends seeing.

This weekend I had made plans to go see the sequel to 300 on Saturday.  The convo went something like this:

#1: Hey that 300 movie is finally out, I think.

#2: Ok, tonight?

#1: Yeah.  It’s playing at 7:45 and 10:20.

#2: 7 show.  10 will be too late.

#1: Yeah, I was thinking that too.

We have no officially gone from 10pm is too late on a weeknight to go out to 2 hour movie at 10pm is too late on the Weekend.  God help us.


Anyhoo, How I know I got old moment #16:  Musicians became legit.

Most noticibly Gangsta Rappers.

Ice Cube, Ice T and LL Cool J (though not quite gangsta) transitioned to acting.  All have played some type of law enforcement.

Gwen Stefani and Posh Spice got Haute and are Designers with quasi legit and quasi respected labels.

This post was particularily fueled by Russell Simmons post on Body Mind Green (a blog my friends and I enjoy in this stage of our lives) entitled “Why I Stopped Late-Night Drinking & Started Early Morning Meditation”.


TLDR-theres a time and a place for everything in relation to age.  Everyone has to grow up and get 2 Legit to quit.  Russell Simmons in this stage of his life is doing that by meditating.  Not that there’s anything wrong with meditating.


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