Virtues of Modesty in Public

So this morning as I was on the subway, I overheard the conversation of two boys who were about the age of 15-16 years old.

I am going to state I was rocking out in my head to my playlist but they were talking so loud I could still hear every word though my volume was pretty high. I was about to put on some Metallica to try and drown out their voices.

Let me state, I don’t know what it is about adolecense that makes one not have moderation over the volume of their voice. It’s almost as if all conversation takes on an oratory pitch. I didn’t realize it all those years, but I was one of those annoying teens with my friends talking really loudly too. I look back and want to go back and kick my own ass and give myself a stern talking to.

The original conversation of the boys in question was about getting one’s licence and how the G2 exit was difficult and what the failure rate was and where to take the test so that it’s the easiest (Aurora-it’s true, I did my M2 exit there). I chuckled in my head remembering those innocent stages in life, where your only worry was getting your licence.

The conversation then evolved to girls and their respective relationships (1.5 months and 3 weeks). Then it turned to physical intimacy. The conversation grew to “did you hit that?… That’s right all those nights practicing in your room with fury” other like comments referring their olympic feats of duration and quality of self loving (masterbation). I get that half the game is bravado with males (sweet, you got game), but still, please share those emissions with your friends at the mall, the playground, your friend’s parents’ basement or wherever it is that teen boys hang out.

I started shaking. Avoiding eyecontact with said subjects and anyone around me. Shaking violently to contain my laughter which I undoubtedly surpressed like a champ and then turned away and blasted Metallica like I was originally going to do.

I cannot speak of the difficulty of holding my laughter internally in order to avoid embarassing these teenage boys. But I know I wasn’t the only one. Alot of people shifted uncomfortably, probably trying to contain their laughter.

There is nothing wrong with discussing sex and such subjects. Just please don’t do it so loudly in public on the subway during rushhour. I applaude such openess and laxed attitudes, but I am sure next time I and others won’t be able to hold their laughter in, thus embarassing such speakers.

So for the love of God, Parents, family members,teachers, any adult authority figure, friends of teenage boys, please teach them the virtues of discussing such personal details very loudly in public at inappropriate times. I for one think discussion is great for learning and social development but there are somethings that shouldn’t be discussed loudly during rush hour in order to save their humility from afflictions from an unintended audience.


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