Letting Go after a Betrayal

>I have two friends I’m writing this one for, both who are feeling betrayed. One is a relationship type scenario. The other a friendship. One is more recent, the other is a few years old, but some information came to light which casts a new shadow on the situation in question. Betrayal, we’ve all felt it. It’s horrid. The acid bile rises up. The blood … Continue reading Letting Go after a Betrayal

Welcome to your Second Puberty

(I’m in the process of moving some posts from my tumblr that I think are decent and getting ready to write again seeing as I took quite some time off. stay tuned for that) This was originally posted on November 23, 2010. It was written for my younger coworker who was going through some things who needed some encouragement that she was going to be … Continue reading Welcome to your Second Puberty