Technology so fancy, nobody knows how to use it.

I left the big city and headed on to suburbia to my best friends house before she got off of work because I wanted to beat rush hour traffic.

I broke into her house and tried to watch tv but couldn’t figure out how to work the tv or x box or cable box with this fancy remote.

“NerdFaceGeek” Edit- This fancy remote is the Logitech Harmony Touch Remote

I hung around lying on her couch talking to her dogs like cave people did before televisions were invented.
When she came home, she sat on the couch and tried to watch her own tv but also suffered the same problems as I.
I thought it was just me, but I’m glad the owner of the house couldn’t work it too. I felt better and laughed at her ass.

So there we sat in darkness, with no visuals other than our tablets, netbooks and smartphones, like rich cave people did back in the day waiting for her boyfriend to come home and operate the television. Not denying the fact that we could have easily turned on the television the normal way using the actual button on the tv or the remote control for the cable box. That would defy the purpose of having a Universal all in one remote clicker.

So this is a review of her new remote that has touch screen. You would think that having touch screen makes it easier to use, but NOooooo. It doesn’t work as well as the old one without touch screen.

“NerdFaceGeek” Edit – The old remote Logitech Harmony One Advanced Universal Remote.

Don’t buy the new one because it sucks and is nowhere close to the old non touch that was much easier to use.

*Disclaimer: This nerd DIGS it (Logitech Harmony One Advanced Universal Remote) /nerds Unite!


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