Being a Woman and your doctor’s thoughtfulness

Part of being a woman, has to do with many things. Things involving your lady parts and the things those lady parts make you do.

like texting your best friends your outfit daily.

"Hey Best friend, like my outfit?"

“Hey Best friend, like my metallic outfit?”

or texting your best friends weird things

"Oh Hai.  just doing some Physio, how's your day?"

“Oh Hai. just doing some Physio, how’s your day?”

or even weirder things than that.

look at this poser

look at this poser, i think he waxes.

Last but not least, being a woman involves that lovely once a year meeting with your doctor for a check up, or progress report on your health.

It usually involves you taking you clothes off and wearing a paper gown and someone poking and prodding at your lady parts uncomfortably.

One size does not fit all

One size does not fit all

If you’re lucky, then your doctor respects your lady parts and the fact that you haven’t given birth yet, so you may not be a regular but a small and make this whole up close and personal occasion a little less awkward and a little less painful and uncomfortable.

It’s the little things folks, the little things like that that no one thinks about, but makes a big difference.  (that whole sentence was no pun intended).


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