Actions Speak Louder than Words

(This was a post I wrote in 2007 when I was dealing with a deteriorating relationship due. I compared it to the cold war because it felt like alot of posturing was going on in the search for truth and real intentions)

actions speak louder than words

a, because we talked about this…..
Thursday, October 18, 2007
this is cold war

the cold war was called cold because it was a war where no weapons were actually fired, no war by the definition occured.

it was a period of tension, contention and mistrust and really it fell down to a difference of ideologies and fear of what the other side would accomplish if they were sucessful.

I am in cold war. right now there are difference of opinions regarding what is the norm. right now there is a difference in regards to what should be done.

i’d like to work for peace, but truthfully i’m not sure if there’s just been too much damage to try to fix things. I try to come up with solutions but the other side is never satisfied and never tries to admit or acknowledge their contribution to the situation. they feel nothing wrong has been done. however if all intentions were innocent, there would be no problems in the first place.

It is tiring, stressful and annoying to try to understand what the other side is trying to do and trying to say and how to make sense of the fact that actions and words are not corresponding to one another.

life is simple right? not when people give you mixed messages and you have to pretend to be a signals expert and decode what the real meaning is. why are there encrypted messages in the first place if they say intentions are what words say.

at the end of the day actions speak louder than words. at the end of the day actions show what the real intent and desire is. if your actions differ from your words, your actions will always be judged as the true meaning because they speak volumes louder than words.

words are just thoughts and a way to express what we say we would LIKE to happen in a situation to keep the peace and appease the masses.

Actions are what we do because it’s what we really WANT to happen, so we act towards our desires. that’s why sometimes we can’t take words seriously. that’s why actions are worth more and weigh more heavily in the pursuit of truth.

trying to figure what’s going on is like looking at each individual puzzle piece and giving it acknowledment and the benefit of the doubt of what it is individually (part of a face, part of a car, part of a house?) but when all the pieces fit together it you look at it for the picture before you – not the individual picture on the piece (afterall it’s just a piece of something, a small part) -because the individual piece is just a part of the whole picture. we weight things when we get the whole picture from putting the puzzle pieces together because it tells the story.

if this is a clash of ideologies, then so be it. but the issue at hand is if words are given for an explanation of an action they need to be in agreement. The US was suspcious of the Soviet Union because their actions were the opposite of what they stated they wanted to do and vice versa. Veiled plans of actions based on ideologies were cleaverly hidden by carefully worded speeches, statements and documents on how best to create an agenda for ‘the benefit of all’ as the solution to the new eras problems.

the funny thing is that these sort of conflicts are easily avoidable. you do what you say you are doing and don’t do the opposite and believe that you should be taken seriously. if there is nothing going on, don’t paint the picture that something is with your actions and then not understand why you are not being believed. just be truthful-not deceitful, it avoids drawing out the conflict longer than it needs to be and creates unrealistic hopes of conflict resolution

it’s quite simple really, if everyone was truthful, if everyone did what they said they were going to do there would be no conflict in this world because of inconclusive messages about what the real intentions were in weighing actions and words.


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