You don’t want that Ugly Sweater

ugly sweater


Is what i told a friend who’s been going through some issues of the heart. Yes i say “issues of the heart” so nonchalantly because it’s been going around lately.

I told her as she was crying and I looked around searching for some kleenex in her room, strangely comforted by the fact that she used up the whole box too (i’m not the only one?!?! LOL).

I told her, guys are like sweaters. This guy is like an old ugly sweater. He/It doesnt flatter her in the least bit. It’s not her dream sweater, but it’s comfy…so she keeps reaching into the closet and puts it on and wears it.

The sweater as imperfect in comparision to what she wants but it is comfort. It keeps her warmer than if she wasn’t wearing it. She knows it lacks all the things that she looks for, but it’s convient and familar, so that’s why she hasn’t thrown it away despite the fact that it’s gone terribly out of fashion, and would be embarassed to wear out.

But if u don’t throw away that sweater, how are u ever gonna go sweater shopping to find the sweater u really want? That dream sweater that is perfect in everyway. That makes u feel beautiful and compliments you well and fits in every which way u want.

Just like males (i call them that as a species rather than a group like men-being a man requires manners and maturity-sadly which most ‘men’ of all various ages, shapes and sizes lack), we outgrow sweaters. When we out grow a sweater, it’s time to toss it aside and go shopping.

You can’t try on another sweater while u’re wearing the shitty old one. You could, but how would u know if the new sweater is the dreamy sweater u’ve been wanting if your still wearing the old one? You can’t. until u take the shitty sweater off.

so toss the old, ugly sweater and go shopping for a new one. or better yet. save up for the new sweater if u’re not ready to go shopping yet.

Translation: get ur ass away from the old guy, give urself time to heal and then go shopping. another analogy is that if u take the bus just because it’s there, u’ll miss the train thats better and faster….stop riding the bus cause it’s convient…and take the train cause its faster and where u really want to be anyways. (you’ll never meet the person u should really be with if u’re moping over some dumbass)

There is life after the shitty ugly sweater babe. There was life before.



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